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Dutchspeaking market (The Netherlands & Belgium)

the Dutch/Belgiums travel around the world more than any other nation on the European continent.

• total population: 27 million
• 80% plans a holiday abroad
• 10% takes a long haul trip
• long haul market is expected to grow
• popularity of Latin America is increasing
• excellent airlift to Latin America (non-stop connections with KLM)
• trends: unique experiences, niche products, tailor made
• growing number of travellers who can afford long haul travel












The Dutchspeaking travel trade

The Netherlands: a growing number of (new) players and qualified travel professionals/entrepreneurs looking for travel inspirations for their customers. They are flexible in choosing whether to book through a Dutch wholesaler or directly with the supplier. Direct bookings are no exception as long as it comes from a reliable source.

Belgium: travel agents are more traditional and mainly book through Belgium wholesalers.